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According to Gallup Polls, 87% of workers across
the globe rate themselves as "disengaged" from their jobs.

The impact of disengagement--a corrosive pattern of employees
withdrawing  interest and commitment from their job
responsibilities--is widespread and devastating.

Data consistently shows that the primary cause is an
ineffective relationship with the primary supervisor. 
But what can supervisors do if they don't have the right tools or mindset? 

If your organization is ready for new ideas and
more effective results, I can show you to a better way.



You've Seen The Signs:

  • Declining Performance

  • Low Morale

  • Fading Commitment

  • Absenteeism

  • Staff Infighting

  • Turnover

These are just several symptoms of disengagement. There are many more.

Studies now show that the main cause of disengagement is an ineffective, emotionally-unsupportive relationship with supervisors.

But in today's volatile and complex workplaces,  most supervisors don't have the tools and insight they need to do any better.  

To learn how your organization can mend the disengagement divide, watch the 2-Minute Overview/Action Plan now!

"Work units in the top 25% of Gallup's employee engagement
database have significantly higher productivity, profitability,
and customer ratings; less turnover and absenteeism;
and few safety incidents..." *

* From Millions of Bad Managers Are Killing America's Growth