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My Story


Thanks for visiting my website. A short bit about me...

From an early age I often thought that the process of work was sooo much harder than it needed to be.  

From growing up, working in my parents' hardware store, to a career as a social services administrator many years later, most of the jobs I had felt incredibly stressful. 

But more than the work, I found the workplace itself to be the most difficult.  Things like maneuvering through the various carrots-and-sticks, negotiating all the unspoken rules and taboos, and trying to get along with the ever-stressed supervisors--those were the tough parts. 

Shocked by what I learned in Higher Ed...

Many years later I was working as field manager at mid-sized non-profit serving adults and children with intellectual disabilities. Despite what I anticipated, I found that being a manager made these dynamics even more difficult.

Then, around 2004, I started work on an MPA Degree in Nonprofit Leadership, thinking that more education would give me skills and insight to make things easier; but I was shocked to find this was not the case.  

While the Master's Degree proved invaluable, in time I came to see that most of the "latest" management thinking was just a softer version of the same carrot-and-stick, authoritative approaches I had seen throughout my career.

That's when I decided to start digging deeper.

Moving beyond traditional approaches...

I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Ethical and Creative Leadership because I could now see that the real crisis was not with managers; it was with the field of management itself. 

Despite the fact that technology has radically transformed the world, organizations, and the process of work, most management thinking today remains firmly rooted in the Industrial Age. 

But I also saw that some exceptional managers, outliers motivated purely by necessity, were finding a better way. 

These managers were developing their own approaches that were more relationship-based. As a result, their teams were more resilient and responsive in the face of frequent disruptions and upheavals. Also, over time, these teams became far better at handling continuous change and uncertainty. 

Sharing the work...

After studying what these outlier-type managers were doing, I began to formulate my own simple strategies that others could follow to get similar results. 

The early parts of that process eventually became my dissertation. My hope is that the methods I am developing can make work less stressful, more coherent, and increasingly effective for more people. 

The process of developing these approaches is ongoing. Yet, I'm happy to report that, over the years, interest has remained high.

This, in turn, has given me opportunities to present my work via mainstream publication, blogging, video, and in presentations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. I'm excited to see how these opportunities evolve over time. 

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope we can connect soon!


With Kitty, the love of my life, in 2013 on Oak Island, NC.

With Kitty, the love of my life, in 2013 on Oak Island, NC.