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Mentoring is your time to  

Deepen Awareness

Expand Effectiveness

Amplify Influence

In today's organizations, the challenges of leadership have grown more complex and demanding than ever.  Leaders, executives, and senior managers rarely have trusted advisors or sounding boards they can turn to in order to gain awareness, insight, and fresh perspectives.

In addition, most professionals in positions of authority, rarely have time to learn new strategies and insights that will help make them better leaders and more able to respond to the unique challenges presented by today's organizations.

This is why individual support and mentoring have become highly effective investments leaders can make for their company's growth and their own development. 


The reason is that the purpose of these Beta Sessions is to hone and refine the scope and delivery of the material offered. As a result, each participant may be given a wider range of tools, strategies and insights than that offered clients taking the final program.  

This is also why each Beta Session is slightly longer than those in the final program. 


Skill & Strategy Accelerator

4 Weeks of Support & Skill Enhancement

Four 60-minute Beta Sessions focused on effectively addressing a recurring leadership issues or set of challenges. Depending on participants' needs, sessions may be dedicated to expanding awareness, developing skills, and implementing personalized strategies.  

These sessions will offer those in positions of authority a great opportunity to learn more about themselves as a leader and their unique strengths.  

  • Sessions for this special Beta Program are conducted over one month.
  • In-person meetings (if within 20 miles) otherwise via phone, Skype, or Zoom.
  • Unlimited email access throughout Beta Program period. 
  • At conclusions, written report detailing the issue, action steps, and plan for further growth.
  • Recordings of all session. 


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