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We all know that the world is changing faster than ever.


As an Executive Advisor and Strategic Consultant, I see first-hand how much stress and confusion this causes for organizations, particularly the C-level leaders and senior management teams who must now contend with a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.

These challenges deplete morale, weaken engagement, and undermine the collaboration and innovative thinking critical for success. 

To counter this, I teach companies new ways of thinking about people, change, and leadership that help them break free of the often-unrecognized limitations created by traditional management practices. 

Once equipped with new mindsets, organizations are then able to unleash the deeper stores of intelligence, creativity, and collaborative energy that were unintentionally suppressed by the long-familiar ways of doing things. 

As a result they become better-able to make sense of upheaval and harness the opportunities that hide just below the surface of chaotic change. 

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The Daily Dispatch

Technology has irreversibly changed the relationship between people and the workplace. We can no longer blindly surrender ourselves to a job and think that fulfillment and security will magically appear. Conversely, neither can organizations simply hire people with the right qualifications and expect that they will bring passion and creativity to whatever is thrown their way.

Much like a bad marriage where both partners have surrendered their power, secretly believing the other person will turn their misery into bliss, people and organizations must each learn how to accept full responsibility for their wellbeing. In turn this responsibility compels both parties to own their goals and only co-create with those committed a similar path.