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On-Site Trainings and Consulting Services
For A More Engaged and Resilient Workforce

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Igniting Workforce Engagement & Creativity

3hr - 4hr On-Site Training for Frontline and Mid-Level Managers

For organizations today, the popular top-down, Industrial Age management strategies--while familiar--simply don't work in today's organizations. In fact, the data continues to show that in 21st century organizations, these command-and-control strategies typically stiffle commitment, squelch enthusiasm, and suppress initiative. 

Based on both original and established research, this training give managers 21st-century strategies needed to develop strong, collaborative team environments that awaken engagement, creativity, and collaboration.  

Empowering Leadership  For Times of Constant Change and Uncertainty

3hr - 4hr On-Site Training for Those in Mid- and Senior-Level Leadership

These days leadership is no longer about hyper-confident, all-knowing authorities who remain steadfast and unwavering in the face of any obstacle. In 21st century organizations near-constant conditions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) make such heroic ideals unrealistic.

This training delivers a more empowering approach to leadership by teaching the skills, behaviors, and mindsets critical for success in disruptive environments. 


The Drama-Free Workplace

3hr - 4hr On-Site Training for All Management and Leadership Professionals

For thousands of years, human beings have been conditioned to view change and uncertainty as unwelcome threats. This is why people in organizations often react to unexpected upheaval or confusion with frustration, blame, and denial. 

In today's organizations--where change and uncertainty the new norms--effectiveness and success requires that everyone--from the c-suite to the front line---develop more resilient and collaborative ways of responding. This training gives people from all levels of the organization the skills and insight needed to constructively navigate such conditions. 

By integrating the latest research on team effectiveness with time-tested principles of mindful awareness, people can feel more confident, capable, and in sync with themselves, their team members and the upheaval around them. 



"Organizations with a highly engaged workforce
have almost 10 times as many committed, high-effort
workers as those with a low-engaged workforce."*

* Findings of a 2004 study by The Corporate Leadership Council
of more than 50,000 employees in 59 global organizations.



Customized Training Solutions

Length and Audience Flexible to Best Serve Client's Needs

Not seeing the exact solution your company needs? No problem! Any of the above trainings can be tailored or customized to better serve your organization's unique training needs.

Simply submit an inquiry via the "Get In Touch" link above. 


Keynote Presentations

30 - 60 Minutes to Best Serve Client's Needs

In need of keynote presenter? All of the training topics mentioned on this page are available, in abbreviated form, as stand-alone keynote presentations. 

To explore this option further, simply submit an inquiry via the "Get In Touch" link above. 


"David’s insight was helpful for affirming our strengths, weaknesses and encouraging us to continue providing a
psychologically safe environment for our employees.  This is appreciated as we continue to engage our
employees so that they and our business can continue to thrive."

/  Dagmer Chew - Owner, Homestead Real Estate  /


When working with me, you can always expect...

  • A professional, upbeat, and personable presentation that connects with your audience and is targeted to address your organizations needs. 
  • All trainings feature detailed and professionally-prepared support materials. When needed, comparable materials can be available for keynote presentations. 
  • A phone/Skype call with me, prior to the presentation in order to get a clear understanding of your group's/organization's needs. 
  • Every effort to address/accommodate any unique presentation needs. 
  • For training groups and coaching/advising clients, follow-up materials and exclusive online discussion groups can be offered to support more thorough implementation and retention.
  • A follow-up communication 24-72 hours after completion of on-site work for the purpose of ensuring your organization's needs have been met. 
  • Timely responses to all phone communications and emails.