How Your Business Can Weather Changes and Become Resilient with These 4 Underlying Values

Show Notes

What are the 4 underlying values that every business much possess if it hopes to weather changes that are present in the current business environment? My guest, Dr. David Holzmer, is an organizational consultant and leadership advisor, and he joins us to share what he learned from studying successful leaders and their teams.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The major shift that has occurred in how businesses create value and why many current businesses have failed to notice these changes
  • What three radically changing forces must a business navigate these days
  • Why the “heroic leader” is the not the rule, but the exception
  • Why you must focus on the micro-changes that are occurring every day in the business environment
  • Why you should become comfortable with change
  • Teams that were successful at weathering changes had a few things in common – the leaders at the top were great at creating a nurturing work environment: 1) high in psychological safety, 2) high in interdependence, 3) lots of effort placed on creating coherence, and 4) there was a commitment to share experience
  • Businesses that valued soft skills like psychological safety had higher engagement and were on average 22% more profitable than businesses that valued traditional hard skills

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