The Tall Poppy Podcast - Ep. 23

TP 23: David Holzmer on Disruption

David Holzmer, Ph.D. is an Organizational Behaviour Specialist and Consultant.

He shares the insights from his research into sensemaking under conditions of ongoing disruption. He discussed the essentials for creative problem solving and innovation. And the changes in how we relate to each other, to today’s world, and how all of this impacts our ability to deal effectively with the uncertainty, the ambiguous and uncharted territory many organisations find themselves in.

What is the role of trust and psychological safety in the workplace? Why do we want simple, easy answers, and why has this created so much divisiveness? Why are we exhausted at work? 

So many fantastic topics we covered, that you now get to listen to. Enjoy.


Robert Kegan developmental psychologist. Wikipedia, his org: Minds at Work

David’s recommendations on topics we discussed:

Article on development of greater ability to respond to diversity tension
Article on psychological safety
Article on complexity-friendly worldview
Article on dimensions and functions of explicit and tacit knowledge in knowledge management

David’s Articles:
Want to Make of Sense Disruption? Here’s What You Need to Know First.
The Collapse of Expertise and Rise of Collaborative Sensemaking

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