Using Social Media to Create Your Zone of Genius

Facebook Livecast with Ai Addyson-Zhang

A recent Facebook Livecast with the great Ai Addyson-Zhang. This was a great conversation on a broad range of topics related to technology and the future of work.

Click here to download the full video file.

From Ai's show notes:
Come join us for a dynamic discussion on leveraging social media to create your workspace and zone of genius. We will also be talking about change, disruptions, authenticity, and vulnerability in today's day and age.
David is a Consultant and Executive Adviser for David Holzmer Consulting. He also serves as a Futurist for IBM. He recently completed his Ph.D. in Ethical and Creative Leadership. David is also a live streamer and blogger.
David has been a dear friend of mine and I have learned SO much from him. Every time when we have a conversation, I feel inspired by David's depth of knowledge and wisdom on organizational change.